Dr. Tom Holt Family Dentistry has always been proud to be involved with community programs such as Ready to Smile and Neighborhood Dentist. Our partnerships between dental professionals, schools, non-profits, and local government agencies provide care for children throughout Coos and Curry Counties. We also work with Stand Down and the VA to provide services for veterans. Dr. Holt is a vocal advocate for patients, and represents the dental healthcare needs of our community in organized dentistry such as WOAH (Western Oregon Advanced Health), our locally coordinated community health care organization. Through partnership with the OHSU Rural Campus, Dr. Holt is creating educational opportunities to tomorrow’s healthcare professionals, while providing accessible healthcare for our community today.

Unsung Heroes!

At  Dr Tom Holt Family Dentistry we know you don’t have to be Superman or Wonder Woman to be a superhero. We are grateful for everyone who gives acts of kindness and a helping hand. Dr Tom Holt Family Dentistry is taking the month to recognize individuals and/or organizations, often unsung heroes, who give a helping hand in Coos Bay and North Bend. Throughout the month we’ll share stories of these people spreading love with random acts of kindness and making a difference.

We invite you to nominate a person who is making a meaningful difference. Stop by Dr Tom Holt Family Dentistry, post on our Facebook page or on Instagram (if your profile is public) with the hashtag #holtheroes. We’ll be drawing a winner, sharing their story and making a donation to the cause of their choice.