Dr Holt Family Dentistry is proud to call Coos Bay and North Bend home and loves supporting young people and the community. I AM... is an exciting opportunity to create a platform for students and teachers to thoughtfully select a word that represents their individual identity and potential. The campaign creates conversations around our uniqueness and how participants see themselves. I AM... helps define how to broaden acceptance among family, friends and in the community.

Dr Tom Holt Family Dentistry transformed Coos Art Museum into a photo gallery, displaying and celebrating the I AM... photos of students and teachers from The Lighthouse School, Sunset Middle School and North Bend High School. Dr Tom Holt Family Dentistry invited the I AM... participants, their families, friends and the community to celebrate what I AM… Coos Bay and North Bend means!


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I AM… is inviting members of the community to continue the dialogue and be a part of the campaign by creating their own I AM... photo and sharing their photo on Instagram with the hashtag #iamcoosbay or #iamnorthbend.